2017 – The Little Mermaid

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Written By Mike Balser & Barbie Warwick
Adapted from original script by Peter Zednik
Artistic Director: Mike Balser
Musical Director: Timothy Tucker
Choreographers: Tamara Jaune & Elisabeth Lay


Young Calypso is obsessed with the world above the waves. This causes problems in the undersea world ruled by the sea witch Ursula especially since Calypso is a mermaid. Even worse, she has fallen in love with a human prince she rescued from a terrible storm! Calypso is determined to find a way to be with her love, even if it means leaving the sea and making a deal with evil Ursula. To top it off, Prince Airwick has his own troubles, with an overbearing mother and two scheming ministers out to skim the royal treasury for as much as they can take. Will Calypso’s friends, like Shellie the Crab, Katy Perrywinkle and of course her helpful, if slightly menacing Codfather, be able to turn the tide in her favour? Find out at

The Little Mermaid, the 2017 family pantomime by:

FVGSS, A Musical Theatre Company

Run Dates: November 23 – December 3, 2017

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