and the CTC Lifetime Achievement Award goes to….

The 2017 recipient of the CTC Lifetime Achievement Award is our very own Carol Seitz!

One of the best things that has happened to the FVGSS is a vibrant, talented woman by the name of Carol Seitz.  Carol has brought a level of excellence to our shows and has been nominated and received numerous awards for her choreography over the years.

She has influenced not only our society but many other community theatre groups, her Alma Mater Earl Marriot Secondary, her own dance company, Classic Steps, and hundreds of dancers, from toddlers to seniors.

We are so pleased that the Community Theatre Coalition honoured her this year with this award. The award was presented to her by Dann Wilhelm, James Walker and Keri Minty.  Past President, Mike Balser, was unable to attend so Dann read a poem that Mike wrote for Carol.  Here it is, for your enjoyment:


The Chorus and The Choreographer

(or Them and Her)

Giggles from the chorus, the choreographer grows dark

This distracting silliness is sure to make her bark .

But with amazing self control from both them and her

Calm is once again restored; the growl turns to a purr.

That last attempt was awful. Still, ‘twas just their third.

With 27 further tries, they’ll fly through it like birds.

She’s spent a month creating this, using all her expertise

To make a bunch of stumblebums look like the touring cast of ‘Grease’.

Amateur theatrics go best with grains of salt

When twinkletoes’ with two left feet turn a polka to a waltz.

She struggles to coordinate the movement with the scene.

The stress has made it difficult to break from nicotine.

For 3 long months she drives them, till most can get it right.

Yet she yearns for one more week before the opening night.

At last the dances have been learned, the words are off the page.

Then the whole thing goes to pieces when they move on to the stage.

But now the show has opened, glowing faces all about,

Some exuding confidence, many racked with doubt.

She walks into the green room, they surround her, pleading, piteous.

She gives her highest accolade, “You know, it wasn’t hideous.”

Cheers erupt throughout the room, it makes a joyful noise.

She flits about ecstatically, hugging all the girls and boys.

Her skill and her encouragement get them through the run.

They forget the sweat and tedium, remember just the fun.

It’s good that humans have a way to block remembered pain,

So next year she and all of them can do it once again.