FVGSS, the 2018 Audience Choice Award winner returns with this year’s Christmas Panto, Cinderella. Yes, it’s the classic rags-to-riches (kitchen to palace) tale all set to the beat of your favourite 70’s music. It’s fun, it’s magic, it’s family… it’s Cinderella!
Sing? Dance? Act? Tumble?
We want to see YOU show us what you’ve got!
Please prepare a joke, and a song to sing. Please bring your own accompaniment, or provide music for an accompanist. No acapella.


To book your timeslot, please email Sydney at

Tuesday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 8th – Valleyview Funeral Home

Thursday, September 5th – St, Cuthberts

Callbacks on Sunday, September 10th – Valleyview Funeral Home


Please be aware that the performance dates are November 27th to December 8th, 2019. Please inform us at your audition of any conflicts with rehearsals or performance dates.
Rehearsals are Sundays from 6pm to 10pm, Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm both at Valleyview; and Thursdays from 7:30pm to 10pm at St Cuthbert’s. (Kids are always dismissed at 9pm, until our final few weeks of rehearsals, when we may need them to stay later.)

*Please Note* – All cast and crew will be required to become paid members of Fraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan Society.
Membership forms will be made available once you’ve been selected.


Kindheart, the Fairy Godmother – Female. She is new to the Fairy Godmother business and needs help from the audience. She is a bit of a bumbler at times. Fairy Kindheart will speak in rhyme occasionally but drops that when she just needs to talk or get some advice. The actress should be comfortable improvising with audiences. Should look 40 – 70 or so.

Buttons: Male. Has a huge crush on Cinderella who sees him as a brother. Buttons is the link between the show and the audience, so lots of improvising and asking for responses. Actor must be a strong comedian but can also play for pathos.

Baron Hardup: Older male. Cinderella’s father. He’s in a losing battle with his new wife, the Baroness, to control the money of the estate, although he is genuinely fond of her. A pretty happy go lucky fellow, he is dignified and quite used to the expectations of nobility. Actor must be able to play mature gentleman.

Cinderella: Young female. The classic fairy tale heroine! She tries to think the best of others, even her stepmother, despite being treated so poorly. She is very fond of Buttons but not romantically. Has several songs so must sing well.

Baroness: Mature female. The closest thing to a villain in this pantomime. She carries with her an air of menace at all times. She is particularly threatening to Buttons who is horrified whenever he encounters her. The Baroness loves to spend money and lets the Baron know that providing cash is his main function in this relationship. Must be confident musically and sing well in character.

Fifi (an Ugly Sister): Dame (woman played by a man). The stepsisters are a comedy team. The two play off each other so must have a good rapport and timing. They play with the audience a lot so must be skilled improvisers. Although both are strong and full of quips, Fifi seems the younger of the two and asks more questions than Fru-fru.

Fru-Fru (another Ugly Sister) Dame (woman played by a man). Fru-Fru is the sister who seems most often in charge. She tends to make the decisions and lead the way for Fifi.

Prince Charming: May be played by a male or female. He is the quintessential fairy tale prince. Dashing and handsome and straightforward in his manner. Think Dudley Doright meets Captain Kirk.

Dandini: The Principal Boy. (Male played by a female) The prince’s comic foil and partner in schemes. Must be strong comedically and able to sing.

Assorted Villagers, Nymphs, Mice, Ball guests, Ghosts, Skeletons, Pages: Male or female Chorus parts. These characters will contribute to the songs by singing and dancing as well as playing minor parts in the village and at the ball. This includes the footmen and horse who pull the coach to the ball, as well as noble men and women who are guests at the ball.

Woodland animals: Children’s chorus, male or female. They will help Cinderella when she needs assistance and sing back up for a couple of songs as well as having their own number.