Auditions for Anything Goes are here!

Sing? Dance? Act? Tap?
We want to see YOU show us what you’ve got!

Please prepare two contrasting Broadway Musical songs to sing (32 bar cut – verse and chorus). Please bring sheet music (hole punched and in binder) NO acapella and NO recordings please.

You will also be required to attend a dance call either prior to or after your audition time.

To book your time slot, please email Sydney at

When: March 5th, 8th & 10th with callbacks on March 12th

Where: Sunday and Tuesday auditions will be held at Valleyview Funeral Home; Thursday auditions will be held at St. Cuthbert’s.

Rehearsal Dates:  Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday – April 5th to July 12th

Show Dates: July 16 – 26, 2020

**Due to the nature of the show we will only be accepting auditions to performers 16 and older**

Cast Principals

(3 female; 4 male)

Reno Sweeney — a brassy evangelist turned nightclub singer
Hope Harcourt — a well-known debutante
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh — a wealthy Englishman
Elisha Whitney — a google-eyed tycoon
Billy Crocker — Whitney’s young assistant
Moonface Martin — a hapless gangster, Public Enemy No. 13
Erma — a tough gangster’s moll

Cast Supporting
(5 female; 8 male)

Evangeline Harcourt — Hope’s mother, a widow [non-singing]
Luke and John — two missionary converts

Captain — of the S.S. American
Purser — aboard the S.S. American

Purity — Showgirl Angel #1 with Reno’s act
Chastity — Showgirl Angel #2 with Reno’s act
Charity — Showgirl Angel #3 with Reno’s act
Virtue — Showgirl Angel #4 with Reno’s act

Male Quartet of Sailors

Assorted Others
Fred — a bartender
Henry T. Dobson — a minister
2 Reporters
News Photographer
2 F.B.I Agents
Old Lady in a Wheelchair

Various Sailors
Various Passengers — men and women

Ship’s Crew — male chorus/dancers
Ship’s Passengers — men and women, singers/dancers