Audition Tips

So you have an audition coming up and you’re feeling a little nervous. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. But you shouldn’t let the audition panel see that you’re nervous. How do you do that? And what can you do to make sure that your audition is the best you can make it? That’s a big job for a single piece of paper but we’ll do our best.

1. Be yourself! Directors are trying to get the best idea they can about you and the qualities you can bring to the job. Don’t worry too much about being what they want. You have to assume that they know what they’re looking for and will know it when they see it. Give them something to see.

2. Be prepared. If you have been given sides to read or learn or a song to review, or asked to perform a monologue, make sure that you know the material well. It should not look like the first or even the fifth time you have performed the piece. If you have to sing, bring accompaniment! It can be recorded, on sheet music for a pianist or you can accompany yourself if you play an instrument. Music directors don’t get much information from a cappella singers.

3. Be confident. Don’t spend time apologizing for your voice, or your clothes or your tardiness, should any of that affect you. It is a pretty standard convention that if you are late for an audition for any reason, you explain by saying that you were at another audition. And every director has heard that the person auditioning “has a cold today” or similar excuses. Just do what you can with what you have.

4. Be succinct. Directors have to see a LOT of people, sometimes in a short span, so be direct and to the point. Resist the temptation to tell long stories about your experiences. Stories are okay, but keep them to three or four sentences if at all possible

5. Be brave. Remember an audition is a chance to practice your acting skills in front of people who have never seen your work. Don’t think of it as a job interview, but as a chance to play with new friends. If you’re given an exercise that doen’t seem to make sense, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If it still doesn’t make sense, give it your best shot anyway, and try to have some fun with it.