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More than just a show

FVGSS, A Musical Theatre Company, doesn’t just produce excellent community theatre; we also make our city a better place to live. We help promote diversity, give young professionals an opportunity to start their careers, and provide a sense of belonging for young people of all backgrounds.

The performers who collaborate in FVGSS productions come from a range of experiences, ethnicities and ability levels. After you’ve sweated through almost three months of music, choreography and acting rehearsals, and been onstage in front of a live audience with someone, you’ve shared an experience that transcends any difference in cultural background. That connection continues after the show closes, creating groups of close friends and networks of remarkable diversity.

Providing opportunities for youth to get involved with their families, for young professionals to gain experience and for people of all ages and experiences to collaborate on a project of this scale contributes to a healthier, more cohesive society.

Be part of our family

Family is a term that comes up quite frequently with the FVGSS. The Society was actually founded by a group of families who shared a love of musical theatre and the works of Gilbert and Sullivan back in 1982. Children of founding members have now introduced the Society to children of their own, all playing and working together to create quality community theatre and, of course, have fun.

Your sponsorship will make you a part of our family and families support each other. If your customers are part of a family–and it’s a safe bet that most them are–you can gain access to up to 5,000 of them every year through our program. Adding your name to our poster means it will be seen by more than double that number as our posters go up around the Lower Mainland for weeks before the show opens and stay through the end of the run.

Sponsoring the FVGSS is a great way for you to promote your company while enhancing diversity, supporting the arts, helping young people and making your community a better place to live.

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