Welcome to Fairy-Tale Mysteries

A comedy-drama Radio show series set in the early 50s.

Times are not normal, to say the least. It is no different in Fairy-Tale City, things are not normal there either. There is no virus afoot, however something is seriously amiss in Fairy-Tale City.



A familiar character riding a Harley?

Who could be behind all of this?

G&S brings The Fairy-Tale Mysteries and our resourceful heroine, Betsy Hardup to life. Does she have the stuff to get to the bottom of things and set everything right again? Then again, what is the real identity of our quick-witted gumshoe?

Set in the mid-50s the Fairy-Tale Mysteries is an eight episode original Radio Play series featuring all of your favourite fairy-tale characters.


Meet our very own private dick and lead character, Betsy Hardup in The Fairy-Tale Mysteries.   Betsy will also introduce you to a few of our remarkable characters that you’re going to meet in Fairy-Tale City  ‘Sort-of a lay of the land . . . . if you catch her drift.’ To quote Betsy. 

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries is a Covid Fun project from Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society (formerly known as FVGSS)
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