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Times are not normal, to say the least, and it is no different here in Fairy-Tale City. There is no virus afoot, but a crime wave has hit our idyllic city and something is seriously amiss!

Fraser Valley Musical Theatre brings you The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show and our resourceful heroine Betsy Hardup. Does she have the stuff to get to the bottom of these mysteries and set everything right again? Then again, what is the real identity of our quick-witted gumshoe?

Over 40 actors bring to life some very familiar names and with not-so-familiar traits will take you on an adventure filled journey. For example, why is Prince Charming now the chief of police? Who is the Simply Charming Group? Which familiar character rides a Harley? Why does Puss-and-Boots talk with a Bronx accent and is Gretel really attracted to Betsy?

This is not your usual fairy-tale but a fun filled family listening adventure.

Meet our very own private dick and lead character, Betsy Hardup in The Fairy-Tale Mysteries.   Betsy will also introduce you to a few of our remarkable characters that you’re going to meet in Fairy-Tale City  ‘Sort-of a lay of the land . . . . if you catch her drift.’ To quote Betsy. 

The 2021-2022 season of The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show has been made possible by the generous financial support of Metro Vancouver.

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The Fairy-Tale Mysteries Radio Show is a Covid Fun project from Fraser Valley Musical Theatre.
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