Episode 2, Spoiled Pork Part 2

Cops and breakfast food ???

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries continues on with Spoiled Pork part 2, the conclusion to our two part opening series. As the story unfolds we continue to meet moreof the very different Fairy-Tale City characters.  The cops show up (and why are they named after food?) then we have twin lawyers that are always ready for battle.   To top it off we meet some hungry but very observant forest creatures and  . . . .  oh-yes  . . . . who had the gun in Betsy’s back when Episode 1 ended?


Frannie Warwick as Betsy Hardup

Rob Dunne as The Big Bad Wolf

Samantha Andrews as Officer Crumpet

Jeff Christensen as Officer Croissant

Izzy O’Kane as Roscoe Raccoon

Kiera Hodgins as Stan Squirrel

Madelyn Hodgins as Avery Bluebird

Drew Hart as Tweedledum and Tweedledee

I’m your announcer, Christopher Hall

Written and directed by Mike Balser and edited by Hannah Christensen based on a concept by Alex Balser

Music by Timothy Tucker

Theme sung by Chelsea Rose 

Sound Effects and Foley by Chris Cutress

Fairy-Tale Mysteries is produced by James T Nelson

Episode 3 Preview

From Pigs to the Bakery

It seems Peppy is unlikely to make a return appearance but what about the other colourful characters? Listen in as Fungus and Kit-Kat plot more dastardly misdeeds for our next episode, What’s Under The Hood?

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