Episode 3 What’s Under The Hood? Pt 1

Baked Goods Delivered

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries

The story of the three pigs is done . . . . very done in Peppy’s case. The story the Big
Bad Wolf is only getting started. Betsy tricked him in the last Episode but now he’s back
and he is more trouble than ever.
Throw in an affable night watchman and now you have a really sticky recipe!


Frannie Warwick as Betsy
Rosie Forst as Red Riding Hood
Rob Dunne as Big Bad Wolf
Bryce Paul Mills as the Gingerbread Man
Christopher Hall as the Announcer

“What’s Under The Hood?” Part 1 was written by Clive “Hitman” Ramroop, Mike Balser
and Hannah Christensen based on a concept by Alex Balser
Direction by Mike Balser

Music by Timothy Tucker

Theme sung by Chelsea Rose 

Sound Effects and Foley by Chris Cutress

Fairy-Tale Mysteries is produced by James T Nelson


Episode 4 Preview

Breaking News!

Our intrepid reporter is live on the scene at Goodies Inc.  Listen as J.W. Grimm reports for Radio Station CFTM.  Fairy-Tale City’s most listened to station!

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries is a Covid Fun project from Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society (formerly known as FVGSS)
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