Episode 5 – A Witch Hunt Pt. 1

Our Puss-In-Boots is literally in boots, knee high boots no less . . . definitely no Zorro wannabes here!

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries

As we start our new 3 part series we meet Hansel and Gretel and a witch that is already dead. Some familiar characters also re-emerge but we find out one of them has a very long kept secret that no one in Fairy-Tale City knows about  . . . yet!


Frannie Warwick as Betsy
Tammy Theis as Gretel
James Hussen as Hansel
Clive Ramroop as Puss in Boots
Samantha Andrews as Officer Crumpet
Jeff Christensen as Officer Croissant
Izzie O’Kane as Roscoe Raccoon
Keira Hodgins as Stan Squirrel
Madeleine Hodgins as Avery Bluebird
Norma Rushton as Camilla Crowe
Christopher Hall as the Announcer

Episode 6 Preview

What’s On Their Plate

Where do Fairy-Tale and Nursery Rhyme characters go to eat?

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries is a Covid Fun project from Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society (formerly known as FVGSS)
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