Episode 7 – A Witch Hunt, the Conclusion

Is Betsy in a Love Triangle?

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries

Betsy has a lot of sorting to do, in her mind and for the case. Fortunately we have a large cast of characters to help her make sense of it all. Camilla Crowe shows off her many talents, Avery brings her point of view and surprisingly our reporter JW Grimm can do more than just talk fast.


Frannie Warwick as Betsy Hardup
Tammy Theis as Gretel
James Hussen as Hansel
Maddie Hodgins as Avery Bluebird
Norma Rushton as Camilla Crowe
Mike Balser as J.W. Grimm
Sophie Campbell as Munchkin Billy and Ariel
Samantha Black as Munchkin Barty
Samantha Andrews as Officer Crumpet
Jeff Christensen as Officer Croissant
Dann Wilhelm as Prince Ivan Charming and Eric
Erin Mulcahy as Patti Kakes
Christopher Hall as the Announcer

The Fairy-Tale Mysteries is a Covid Fun project from Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society (formerly known as FVGSS)
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